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Requests are closed for the foreseeable future. He can’t seem to do anything right. But he was okay with it. But what happens when his mishap results in the person he loves most getting hurt. He never even really second guessed the fact that she was a very powerful witch that even he’d have trouble with. All that really mattered was that she was here now in his arms,and he’d never let her go. Her silent nature is quite natural, and this girls’ strange personality has caught the attention of a certain silver-haired professor. But, no matter how much he tried to speak to her, it always ended up in a none verbal conversation. Suika hides herself from everyone in order to save her own life. Letting only a select few come close.

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However, I finished watching that anime a while ago, and it has been difficult to find an alternative. Blue Exorcist had a similar feel, and offered a nice change of pace. Both stories involve a ‘school with a difference’.

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I’ve never read the manga, so this is based solely on the anime. Set in the fantastical Death City, Soul Eater focuses on the Shibusen Academy, where students both work together and compete in order to turn their partners – boys and girls that can turn into various different weapons – into world-class Death Scythes.

My university pally and I blasted through all 51 episodes in about a week, if you don’t count the days that we were too busy to watch any. Let me tell you, this does not make for hard watching. These episodes are ones that I found to be somewhat disjointed, and to be honest I probably would have given up on the anime after 4 episodes or so if it wasn’t for aforementioned pally. Swiftly afterwards, once the main characters start to interact together, I was hooked.

And shortly after that when the frankly ingenious support characters were introduced and fleshed out, I was manic about it to the point where I was screaming in outrage at the screen if any other character DARED to so much as harm a hair on their heads. I will say, however, that it does dangle a standard premise in front of you for a good few episodes in order for a Technician to turn their Weapon into the ultimate Death Scythe, they must collect 99 evil souls and then one Witch’s soul; cue epic quest and then almost entirely removes it for something much better – a pleasant surprise that, as I understand it, doesn’t quite happen in the manga.

While some elements of the plot remain unclear and somewhat incomplete by the end of the series, I ultimately felt that it didn’t detract too much from my enjoyment. Bar the very last scenes, unfortunately, in which I was left starving for a bit more of a tie-up, or better yet, a follow-up montage in the ending credits. Still, I suppose that’s what the manga’s for.

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Charged with the task of collecting and devouring the tainted souls of ninety-nine humans and one witch, Maka and her fellow meisters strive to master their weapons as they face off against the bizarre and dangerous minions of the underworld. Can Maka rally her strength to face Stein in battle, or will despair be her downfall? But this fight holds personal significance for Tsubaki — their target is her older brother.

Maka saw Soul frown and realized she must look strange, as Kid’s words had sobered her up. She forced a smile on for his sake, one she saw, with a plunge of her stomach, that didn’t have the desired effect as Soul’s expression frosted up and his eyes silently asked her what was wrong.

She could go 30 days without Soul Eater Evans. Or so she told herself. T for language and minor violence. I finished this within two hours of starting it. Who knew writing without any prior plotting could be so helpful in relieving writers block for the rest of my stories? I do not own Soul Eater. Maka smiled at Soul, whom she saw was looking at her through the tinted window of the bus.

Professor Stein and her papa were already adjusting themselves inside the vehicle — she could faintly hear her papa’s annoyed shout for attention as the bus driver shut the door. A good number of weapons from Shibusen had been hand-selected by Stein and Sid to attend a fierce training regiment and a convention that would include meeting a few famous Deathscythes. It was an optional field trip that Soul had been on the verge of turning down due to sheer laziness, but Maka had made sure Soul attended.

The training part wouldn’t be very pleasant but Maka knew Soul would regret not going to speak to other renowned Deathscythes if she let him have his way. After all, they were on their ninety-eighth soul already. They needed a little guidance at this stage.

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Report Story Author’s note: I don’t own any of Soul Eater. I don’t own the cover, it says where I borrowed it from at the top. If you want to go and check out that website, go ahead. Please enjoy my first fanfic! To be honest, I’m glad.

YOU ARE READING. Soul Eater Fanfic Fanfiction. After defeating the Kishin, Maka, Soul, and the rest of the gang decide to kick back. During this time, everyone is able Reviews:

Stein watched as the girl who had practically become his daughter practice her powers in the woods just outside of town. He knew how downtrodden the girl had become after her near death experience with the witch Arachnid and after the whole group that Stein had mentored one time had cast her aside just because of what she could do. A witch never had a place with the meisters and weapons, especially the ones with too much power.

As Stein watched her he realized that her power is what humbled her as a witch. She never asked to wield the type of magic she held, she only stayed because the man with a screw through his head could help her quell the pull in her that could lead her down a dark path. The lack of human contact from people her own age had taken a toll and he could see the dark edges making their way to consume the light parts of her. A sigh escaped his lips as he twisted the screw as if it would give him all the answers he needed.

All eyes fell on her, the look of shock greeted her eyes as she stood up, brushing the dust off of her leggings. The only one to rush after her was Soul.

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Yari grew up in Death City and is a student at Shinbusen. She is good friends with Maka and Tsubaki and has a major crush on Crona. Her weapons name is Kari and she is around Patty’s age so she hangs mostly around her. Crona is a boy in this You were walking to Maka and Soul’s apartment for Maka’s party and smiled hugging your jacket tighter around you.

At a young age, Naruto grew up with little to no friends and because of this, he developed a love of video games. One day he somehow woke up with the ability to view life as a video game.

Kingdom Hearts[ edit ] Some time after arriving at Hollow Bastion and being taken in by Maleficent , Riku learns to summon the Soul Eater, which he uses as his primary weapon. Later, while he is in Traverse Town , he uses it to take out a pair of Soldiers that are about to attack Sora. He continues to use Soul Eater in his battles until he is possessed by Ansem ; at that point, he uses the Keyblade of heart instead. Along the way, he battles Vexen , who uses data from the battle to create the Riku Replica ; this clone uses his own Soul Eater in his battles against both Riku and Sora, who is ascending the upper floors of the castle.

When Riku fights Zexion on the third basement, Zexion steals Riku’s Soul Eater attack cards , which he uses to summon Soul Eater-wielding clones of himself. Even when he is spotted by Organization members, he avoids drawing his Soul Eater, instead electing to stay on the defensive and running when possible.

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Golden yellow hair that is always tied up in a short pony tail. Wears a long baggy sweatshirt; creamy orange no shorts lol it looks like he wears a dress Personality: Tayo transform into his hammer form, he sighs as you start to fight off to collect the souls that was needed for Tayo. You smiled looking away from the others, you looked up once more. Blue as you pulled Tayo aside with you.

Maka walked out of her bedroom, slowly approaching soul, who was in the kitchen. “Hey soul,” Maka said to her weapon, “Look what I can do!” Maka closed her eyes and a bright light appeared behind her.

Chico and Maya Maka, Tsubaki, and Patty try to get the guys. Maka and Soul find out about their hidden talents. Soul watched in awe as blades came out from her back, forming what looked like shining silver and green wings. With another flash, they were gone, her arms now transformed into blades. She knew she had been a weapon for a while now, but she wanted to master transforming parts of her body before she showed soul.

He was supposed to be the weapon, not Maka. That should be impossible. Why does your wavelength seem so frightened? This was not what she expected out of Soul. She thought he would be happy, and try to wield her. They could be the perfect team if he was also part meister.

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