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Please help improve them by removing unnecessary details and making them more concise. October Season 1[ edit ] The series begins with the arrival of Dr. Andrew “Andy” Brown Treat Williams , a widower who leaves his successful job as a top Manhattan neurosurgeon to live in a small Colorado town, bringing his 9-year-old daughter Delia Vivien Cardone and year-old son Ephram Gregory Smith with him. He chooses the town of Everwood because his late wife had told him of her emotional attachment to the town. Many of the story lines revolve around settling into a new town, dealing with the death of the mother and wife of the family, and the growing relationship between Andy and his son, who did not interact much in New York, due to the demands of Andy’s job. Andy at first finds some conflict with Dr. Harold Abbott Tom Amandes , with whom his professional opinions differ. However, Harold’s cranky demeanor and Andy’s passive, cheerful attitude prove to mesh well, and the two begin a friendly rivalry. Ephram continually struggles with his emerging adolescence, his studies as a classical pianist, and his crush on Amy Emily VanCamp , Harold’s daughter. The first season revolves around the main storyline involving Colin Hart Mike Erwin , Amy’s boyfriend and older brother Bright’s Chris Pratt best friend.

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The series followed Dr. Andy Brown and his two kids, Ephram and Delia, as they adjusted to their life in Everwood, a small Colorado hamlet, after the death of Julia Brown. To honor his wife’s wishes, Dr. Brown left his high-profile medical career and transplanted his kids from New York City to Everwood.

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Share View photos We have very exciting, exclusive news for those of you who grew up laughing and crying with “Everwood,” The CW drama for the thinking teenager and teenager at heart. If you want a taste of what’s to come, check out this Twitter picture posted by Tom Amandes, whom you might remember as Dr. And now, festival attendees will get to share in the excitement when piano prodigy Ephram Gregory Smith and his beloved girl next door, Amy Abbott Emily VanCamp , get back together.

And, of course there’s Chris Pratt, of “Parks and Recreation,” who has become Hollywood’s cutest go-to goof. Pratt is busy offscreen as well.

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Deer God After a lost deer makes the Browns backyard its new home, Andy insists on accompanying Ephram who decides to help the animal find its way home to the wilderness, where the journey includes a long hike through the mountains. Meanwhile, Ephram finally admits to Amy that he never asked his father to consider operating on her boyfriend, Colin, who is in a coma.

Lastly, Delia questions the existence of God after a classmate tells hear that he doesnt believe in higher beings. Amy is heartbroken and Ephram is furious when Andy decides against performing a risky operation on Amys comatose boyfriend. Meanwhile, Delia is forbidden from playing with her only friend, Magilla guest star Bret Loehr , after his parents discover them playing dress up.

Trott, a traveling psychologist guest star Jane Krakowski sets up shop and stirs up the emotions of several townspeople who seek her guidance, much to the chagrin of a Andrew Brown, puts on his scrubs for the first time since he relocated his family to Colorado to operate on Amys comatose boyfriend, Colin Mike Erwin , with the help of his friend and surgery partner from New York, Dr.

Brian Holderman guest star Lamont Thompson. Adding to his performance anxiety is the identity of the patient Colin Hart, the boy who was dating Amy before she stole Ephrams heart. It also doesnt help that the tricky procedure he plans to perform has never been attempted before.

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Season 1 Episode 8 – Till Death Do Us Part As his wedding anniversary draws near, Andy loses all hope and questions whether he will ever feel his life is worth living again. Meanwhile, Ephram and Amy share their first kiss while on a field trip; and Dr. Abbott has a panic attack when his wife Rose Merrilyn Gann proposes they take salsa dancing lessons. Andy also helps a couple whose marragle problems are caused by hives. Andrew Brown moves his year-old son, Ephram, and 9-year-old daughter, Delia, to the idyllic environs of Everwood to make a new start.

In the opener, the relocation sparks harsh words and hurt feelings between the emotionally distant father and his neglected son, despite Andrew’s attempts to reconnect with the teen. The good doctor also runs afoul of the town’s only other physician when he decides to open his own practice right across the street from his rival’s office. Meanwhile, as the town of Everwood celebrates its annual Fall Thaw Festival, Ephram’s interest in Amy continues to blossom.

Although Bright tells Ephram that Amy is using him just go get his father to get Colin out of coma. Delia gets into trouble at school for questioning her teacher’s antiquated rules. Andy’s clumsy attempt to come to Nina’s defense backfires, but she turns to him and Ephram for help when the baby makes an unexpectedly early arrival.

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Everwood season 1 direct download links Episode Guide Pilot Episode air date: The Great Doctor Brown air date: Although Bright tells Ephram that Amy is using him just go get his father to get Colin out of coma. Friendly Fire air date:

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