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I am a fan of Givenchy fragrances for years, Ysatis and Organza are loves. Play was a blind buy and really do not think it is just for teens. Play, on my skin is quite powdery with a beautiful flowery sweetness. When sprayed on fabric it is very very different, it actually is very woodsy. I do not like the bottle, it does not look like a Parfum bottle from a great design house, it looks like a pink iPod on my Perfume cabinet. I do like Play, for me it is a day fragrance that Imparts a prettiness of flowers and gentle woods. It lasts around 5 hours on me. Oct Contessa01 A beautiful powdery soft vanilla. I really love this. It’s just literally a soft cozy vanilla and it gets a lot of compliments.

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He asked if I had a jacket with me. He told me he would be there in 5 minutes and to be outside waiting for him. As soon as he pulled up, I jumped in and asked what was happening. He told me to just wait and see.

Electric Trains – Considered More of a Collectible than an Antique An American, Murray Bacon, patented the first electric toy train in , and Carlyle and Finch .

A wonderland of toys! Andy Gard; miniature Revere Ware; Elka stuffed animals. Remco toys; cap guns; and more. Brick construction sets; WIAD lineside models. Wood model kits by Yeoman; KK Jr. Gas engines; and plastic model kits by: Slot cars from Airfix; Champion; Minic; Scalextric. Accessories and building kits by Faller. Over 20 pages fully illustrated with kits from Airfix; Aurora; Revell; Triang.

Gas powered cars and airplanes from Cox. Chemistry sets; electrical sets; Meccano; Bayko. Mamod live steam toys. Has built-in windup radio; windup motor; electric head lights; rubber tired wheels.

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Great trails, ride through open fields and Mallee bush with kangaroos. So why not take a leisurely bike ride and explore what Waikerie has to offer. Available at the Waikerie Hotel Motel. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere as you relax and partake in some tastings. Greg and Jane offer exclusive tours of their family vineyard and surrounding wetlands on board their restored Chevrolet Truck.

I loved Bethenny’s Skinny Girl jeans and want some ASAP. I’m so glad that it appears that Scott is dating someone else in the previews because Tinsley is not grown up enough to have a relationship.

The protons, neutrons, and electrons that will eventually compose Transformers are formed, ruining it forever. God creates the universe in six literal days. The universe comes into existence. The AllSpark Almanac The exact date of this universal stream ‘s creation is somewhat muddled, as seen in the three different dates seen above. The account dating it to BCE is the one used in early recorded human history, but was later retconned within scientific literature, which established the much earlier date above.

More recently, Transformers Animated: As Hasbro-sanctioned material, this account is assumed to take precedence in canon , at least with regard to the Transformers brand ; however, it is unclear whether the event represents God’s six-day creation, the Big Bang, or another, as-yet-unrevealed origin.

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Saturday, October 6, Time: Come prepared to Bid and Buy this Property at you Price. Potential buyers may conduct lead base paint analysis or any inspections prior to auction. Waiver of lead base paint testing or any inspections will be used at auction.

October 24th, Williamsport, IN (click here to view online catalog and bidding) (Click here to download a PDF text only catalog listing) Stout Auctions is proud to present another Friday sale filled with Awesome modern toy lots from Lionel, MTH, K Line, 3rd Rail and others. One of the highlights of this auction is the Rock Island collection of Mike Mottler, recently retired.

Share this article Share Taking to the internet, one user revealed: It’s so moisturising and has an amazing smell. Definitely my new favourite! Another claimed it helped calm her nerves, too: But I found that using and smelling Sleepy can help my anxiety not be as bad. So popular is the lotion that despite just being brought back, it’s already sold out online.

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Search inside Realpriceguides This website has some changes each day, if you have bookmarked any pages please refresh often. The values stated in this guide are to be used only as a guide. Values are not set to determine prices as auction and dealer values vary greatly and are affected by demand and condition. The author does not assume responsibility for any losses that are the result of consulting this guide.

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Performance is hardly exciting, especially with the original cc engine, which although seemingly right up-to-date at the time with its valve head is a single-cam type that needs to be revved close to its rpm power peak to deliver anything like meaningful acceleration, and works hard with much use of the five-speed manual transmission to keep the Jimny in touch with general traffic. Countering this is the fact that it was never intended to be a long-haul highway cruiser, and the uprated variable valve timing unit installed after sounds a little less frenetic and returns better fuel consumption.

From the start we were concerned that the Jimny, in spite of its all-terrain pretensions, would not prove capable enough to excite as an off-roader. For one thing peak torque in that original engine comes in at a rather high-revving rpm, which we suspected would make it difficult to drive carefully in slippery muddy terrain. However subsequent experience with the Jimny left us more and more impressed with its off-road ability, helped by the excellent approach and departure angles.

Ultimately it was the on-road behaviour that struck us as being more questionable, since the need to keep the engine on the boil, especially in hilly areas, resulted in lots of gear-shifting which led us to advise buyers to consider the four-speed automatic which would be a little less stressful to drive even though it meant higher fuel consumption. The situation improved with the facelift of , which included the installation of the twin-cam VVT engine. Though torque still peaks at a rather high rpm, the variable valve timing spreads the useful torque band, making for more relaxed highway cruising as well as more effective low-speed off-road control.

The Jimny works as a cheeky city car, but its practicality is limited. Our verdicts Amused as we were at our first sight of the Jimny, we were quick to recognise its true values — albeit with a touch of sarcasm. The report of our first drive in the new car, which appeared in the December edition, said: Take the family for a two-week touring holiday in Europe, spend all day on motorways and take the Two Fat Ladies anywhere?

The Jimny is small, light and agile, a really useful and practical off-road vehicle. If there was a downside it was the less-than-perfect ride quality, a natural consequence of the light weight and short wheelbase.

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Tuesday, April 18, First Drive: Kia wants to turn a new chapter with the all-new Picanto. In-between shots of bright cityscape, pearly-white smiles, and occasional lens flare, the Picanto is there zooming and zipping around, doing what these youngsters want to live a happy, fulfilled life.

Smells good. Dormant leather with some faint flowery vibe surrounding a heart of almond tonka vanilla which is the dominant part. Smells more like if it were a designer scent because it doesn’t smell more natural or richer than an average designer perfume.

He asked if I had a jacket with me. He told me he would be there in 5 minutes and to be outside waiting for him. As soon as he pulled up, I jumped in and asked what was happening. He told me to just wait and see. Under two large tents were tables full of Hot Wheels! I spotted a large auction poster that claimed there were 20, cars. We quickly pulled into a parking spot, jumped out, and immediately signed up to bid! After making our way to the tent, it started to sink in just what we were looking at.

This was the single largest collection of Hot Wheels either of us had ever seen. There were half that many cars, but 10k is still a lot of Hot Wheels! A couple people showed interest in the Hot Wheels, but most people were focused on the roofing equipment and work trucks. Could we actually buy this entire collection of Hot Wheels? And what the heck would we do with them all?

Once we found the auctioneer, he explained that they would open bidding for specific items, then for the tubs full of cars and then finally for each table.


I am tired of trying to get another bottle in my usual suppliers I never buy anything in Ebay or Amazon. Whenever they stock this fragrance always in small quantities , the stock last for a couple of hours only. We may conclude 2 things: To my best knowledge it is not discontinued. As far as I am concerned, I already gave up. It’s a lot easier to buy Bvlgary Black.

Welcome to Pajiba. Run, Michelle Williams, Run! Roles You Can’t Get Over, Actors You Can’t Forgive.

Source This fancy-schmancy hotel is also situated in Bukit Bintang and is a 9-minute walk away from Pavillion shopping mall. Source A noteworthy thing about the Traditional English Afternoon Tea Set served here is that they are beautifully placed on a unique white box tier which makes it really attractive. This afternoon tea set also comes with a pot of tea of your choice. If you and your friends are only up for one tea set, the Chocolate High Tea would be a better choice!

Daily 3pm to 6pm 9. The hotel has a gorgeous view of the bustling city and serves palatable desserts and tea at The Lounge. You can also opt to have a pot of either English or Japanese tea to accompany your sweet treats. Their teas are served in hand-sewn teabags and come in a wide variety of tea flavours. They are also well-known for their fine selection of unique tea-based macarons with a crunchy shell and a melt-in-your-mouth interior. Their tea is served in 18k gold-plated teapot that keeps the tea warm and at the perfect temperature so that you can sip at your own pace.

Daily 2pm to 6pm Pamper yourself! Pamper yourselves with the finest spread of delicacies served on elegant chinaware and stunning luxurious settings to match! Be sure to make your reservations beforehand as these places are often packed, especially during the weekends.

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During the years that toy trains were produced, their design and motive power have changed dramatically. Moreover, toy trains did not initially run on tracks. It was only in that the German firm Marklin produced the first standardized sectional track for toy trains. Handmade live-steam locomotives were introduced in Europe after the mid th century.

What they will be worth.. will be their inheritance! They will have the last laugh 🙂 I have an (undisclosed amount) of Hot Wheels dating back to their introduction in , still in cards, in pristine condition and “insured”.

The Gathering 2 — March, Each of these dates applies to a different continuity or “alternate dimension” within the Transformers Multiverse, so they do not conflict with one another. The Maximals and Predacons in those dimensions simply crashed at different times, but had otherwise identical adventures. Generally with different events taking place ‘offscreen’ unique to each expanded continuity.

Though Earth’s geology and biology seen in the cartoon does not fit any single era, the loose “window” of 70, — , B. This setting was abandoned when the cartoon established its futuristic setting. This remains an intriguing micro-continuity. A version of the Beast Wars occurred in the past of one Unicron Trilogy micro-contnuity.

The live-action movie franchise has a version of the Beast Wars in its past.

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