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By Ari Vanuaranu Weekly 5: We picked out five in Asia and the Middle East to add to your must-visit checklist. People in the ancient times had it as well, albeit with different mediums. Not far from the outskirts of the modern-day city of Hail you can find countless individual rock outcrops rich with rock arts. The art on these rocks, some dating back 10, years old, are representations of human and animal figures. In the ancient times, Hail was an important trade centre with links to the Assyrians, Babylonians and the Levantines. UNESCO granted the World Heritage status to 23 sites in Kyushu and Yamaguchi where you can learn how the Meiji restoration sparked the industrialization process in feudal Japan from the middle of the 19th century to the early 20th century. These include coal mines, steel factories and shipyards—testament to what is now considered as the first successful transfer of technology from the West to a non-Western society. An insight on how these non-Han chiefs ruled over their dominions can be seen through castle ruins, ink slabs, porcelain and many more. The botanic gardens are the green lung of the modern city and a home to 47 heritage trees, some of which are more than years old.

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Print UNESCO Heritage in Korea Since the earliest settlements on the Korean Peninsula and in southeastern Manchuria during prehistoric times, the people of Korea have developed a distinctive culture based on their unique artistic sensibility. The geographical conditions of the peninsula provided Koreans with opportunities to receive both continental and maritime cultures and ample resources, which in turn enabled them to form unique cultures of interest to and value for the rest of humanity, both then and now.

Gyeongju was the capital of Silla for about one millennium.

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Letusan Gunung Terdahsyat di dunia. Gunung Tambora yang terletak di Pulau Sumbawa meletus bulan April tahun ketika meletus dalam skala tujuh pada Volcanic Explosivity Index. Letusan tersebut menjadi letusan terbesar sejak letusan danau Taupo pada tahun Letusan gunung ini terdengar hingga pulau Sumatra lebih dari 2. Abu vulkanik jatuh di Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Jawa dan Maluku. Letusan gunung ini menyebabkan kematian hingga tidak kurang dari Bahkan beberapa peneliti memperkirakan sampai Lebih dari itu, letusan gunung ini menyebabkan perubahan iklim dunia.

Satu tahun berikutnya sering disebut sebagai Tahun tanpa musim panas karena perubahan drastis dari cuaca Amerika Utara dan Eropa karena debu yang dihasilkan dari letusan Tambora ini. Akibat perubahan iklim yang drastis ini banyak panen yang gagal dan kematian ternak di Belahan Utara yang menyebabkan terjadinya kelaparan terburuk pada abad ke Indonesia memiliki lebih dari gunung berapi dan di antaranya termasuk gunung berapi aktif.

Sebagian dari gunung berapi terletak di dasar laut dan tidak terlihat dari permukaan laut. Indonesia merupakan tempat pertemuan 2 rangkaian gunung berapi aktif Ring of Fire. Terdapat puluhan patahan aktif di wilayah Indonesia.

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Reconstructed Neolithic-period huts in Amsa-dong , Gangdong-gu , Seoul In the Paleolithic the first inhabitants of the Korean peninsula used caves, rockshelters, and portable shelters. The remains of a portable shelter dating to c. In the Mumun period buildings were pit dwellings with walls of wattle-and-daub and thatched roofs. Official buildings of this period were built of wood and brick and roofed with tiles having the features of Chinese construction.

Chinese architecture strongly influenced Korean architecture at this time, creating an architectural basis for the development of state-level society. Reconstruction of the eastern stone pagoda that was built during the Baekje Kingdom era in the Temple Mireuksa In the Three Kingdoms Period, some people lived in pit-houses while others lived in raised-floor buildings. For example, the Hanseong Baekje settlement of Seongdong-ri in Gyeonggi Province contained only pit-houses, [2] while the Silla settlement of Siji-dong in Greater Daegu contained only raised-floor architecture.

Baekje was founded in 18 BC and its territory included the west coast of the Korean peninsula. After the fall of Nangnang, Baekje established friendships with China and Japan. Great temples were built during this time. The earliest stone pagoda of the Mireuksa Temple in Iksan county is of particular interest because it shows the transitional features from a wooden pagoda to a stone one. Baekje assimilated diverse influences and expressed its derivation from Chinese models.

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I’ve been very unsure about posting on the subject, but like other serious issues, it’s best to talk openly about them so I can be a resource to others. Where do I start on this issue? This quote from the article provides a very good starting point.

May 28,  · Cek here Born in Maumere, Flores, by the name of Albert Gerson unFinit, Gerson moved to Yogyakarta in and started a solo pr.

Japanese and Korean culture from an American perspective. Saturday, October 31, Kissing In Japan I read somewhere probably Wikipedia recently that kissing is a relatively recent phenomenon in Japan. Up until about , if an unsubstantiated quotation is to be believed, there just was no romantic kissing. Coming from a culture with a long history of kissing, romantic as well as in greeting, this is hard to come to terms with. Kissing seems like such an obvious, natural thing to do, how can one not kiss?

But there are in fact cultures that do not kiss. I first came across this notion, that kissing is not an instinctual act but a learned custom, in a novel I forget the name. A Bronze age Germanic chieftain attains immortality and travels around the world, ending up in India where he first encounters kissing. Sure enough, India was one of the first kissing cultures.

This blew my mind.

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He had the financial means, the labour and the technology to create everything from scratch, and boy did he. The site he selected was on the Campus Martius, a level field outside the ancient Servian Wall that had served for centuries as a military training ground when Roman law prohibited the presence of troops inside the official boundary of the city. Measuring about meters long and meters wide x feet , the stadium had one curved end and one flat end with two long parallel sides.

The entrances were in the middle of the curved end the hemicycle and the long sides and, like all Roman stadia, had meticulously arranged numbered archways and staircases for optimal traffic flow and access to the bleachers. Archaeologists estimate that it could seat around 30, people. It was used temporarily to host gladiatorial games after a fire disabled the Colosseum in A. We know it was still in use in the 4th century because the historian Amianus Marcellinus mentions it.

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